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Key features of AutoWiz Fleet Management solution



Dasboard provides you the constantly auto-updated status and birds eye view of all the vehicles in your fleet. Quick filters to focus on a particular vehicle of interest.

Trip History

Trip history allows you to review and download the historical data of any vehicle for a specific date range. Get detailed and accurate accounting of your vehicle.

Trip History

Trip Playback

Trip Playback and Trip details

Review any past trip details including distance, fuel mileage and driving behavior during the trip. Use trip Playback to review the exact path taken for any historical trip.


Get all the insights about vehicle utilization, driving behaviour and vehicle health for any vehicle. Download individual vehicle as well as cross vehicle reports




Manage your fleet as a team by categorizing vehicles to different groups and assigning them to different admin members for ease of management.

Vehicle Health Report

Get an understanding of your vehicle health by getting alerts related to vital parameters like engine diagnostics, battery condition and coolant temperature.


Trip Playback

Driver Management

Manage the drivers operating your fleet of vehicles, maintain their details and dynamically assign/unassign them to specific vehicles.

User Management

As an administrator, you have the ability to manage multiple users in your organization and control their view access to Fleet Management solution. You can edit User details, dyanmically add or remove vehicles that are visible to each user in the Application.


Trip Playback

Fuel Management

Log and Track fuel expenses of your vehicle.Compare the amount of fuel filled versus the amount of fuel consumed by your vehicle to detect any fuel leakage.

Alert Settings

Customize the various driving behaviour and vehicle health alert threshold settings as per your requirements.


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