AutoWiz Fleet Management Solution

AutoWiz Fleet Management solution is a web based application that works in sync with AutoWiz Devices in your fleet of vehicles and provides you full visibility over your fleet.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Know where your vehicles are and exact route taken at all times on a map and ensure that unauthorized routes are not taken.

Safety and Security

Monitor rash driving behavior and incidences of vehicle driven at unauthorized times

Increase Operation Efficiency

Get detailed statistics of trips and downloadable reports so as to optimize the route/time to increase profitability.

Vehicle Service Management

Smart and customizable vehicle service reminders, track service expenses.

Control Cost of Operations

Lower the maintenance costs of your fleet by monitoring fuel usage and wasteful driving behavior.

Vehicle Health Report

Keep track of vehicle's maintenance needs by remotely monitoring battery voltage, coolant temperatures, engine diagnostics

Anti-theft Alarm on Phone

Get notified on your phone if your vehicle is driven without authorization

Guest Ride Management

Solution for ride booking, driver assignment and driver App to validate the ride, reduce paperwork and increase safety.

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Key Features



Dasboard provides you the constantly auto-updated status and birds eye view of all the vehicles in your fleet. Quick filters to focus on a particular vehicle of interest.

Trip History

Trip history allows you to review and download the historical data of any vehicle for a specific date range. Get detailed and accurate accounting of your vehicle.

Trip History

Trip Playback

Trip Playback and Trip details

Review any past trip details including distance, fuel mileage and driving behavior during the trip. Use trip Playback to review the exact path taken for any historical trip.


Get all the insights about vehicle utilization, driving behaviour and vehicle health for any vehicle. Download individual vehicle as well as cross vehicle reports.




Manage your fleet by categorizing vehicles to different groups and assigning them to different users for ease of management.

AutoWiz Feature Checklist

Feature AutoWiz Fleet Management Subscription AutoWiz Standard Subscription
Live Tracking
Live Location of vehicle with path along with speed, current trip details Yes Yes
Share Vehicle location on demand with contacts
Yes Yes
Aerial view of all the vehicles in your fleet on one map
Yes No
Driving Behaviour
Overspeeding, Hard Accleration, Sudden Braking, Long Idling, Over revving
Yes Yes (Push Notifications)
Customizable email notifications for driving alert Yes No
Trip History
Historical Trip details including fuel mileage Yes Last 3 months
History Route Replay and downloadable reports
Yes No
Vehicle Diagnostics
Low Battery Voltage, High coolant temperature, Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes Yes Yes (Push Notifications)
Geofence and Location based Alarms Yes Yes (Push Notifications)
Fuel management
Log fuel expenses for each vehicle
Yes Yes
Compare Filled vs Consumed fuel to detect any leakage Yes No
View and download Cross Vehicle Reports
Yes No
View and download Vehicle utilization, driving behaviour, trip history and health report Yes No
Edit Vehicle Profile and Alert Threshold Settings Yes Yes
Admin Features
User Management - Manage users in organization
Yes No
Driver Management - Manage and assign drivers to fleet Yes No
Categorize vehicles into groups and assign them to group managers
Yes No
Advanced Features
Vehicle Service Management - customized vehicle service reminders, track service expenses
Add On Option No
Ride Management - Ride booking, driver assignment and Driver App Add On Option No

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