Smartphone Settings while using AutoBeacon App

These Settings enable AutoBeacon App to run in the background on your phone so that it can collect your driving behavior automatically when you start driving without you having to open the App. These settings enable AutoBeacon to be unaffected by Battery optimizations in the smartphone. Also, when you are using AutoBeacon in Phone mode, apart from settings below make sure your phone Location/GPS is ON. In case you are using Beacon Mode of AutoBeacon, make sure your phone Location/GPS as well as Bluetooth is ON.

Samsung Smartphone Android 10 | OnePlus Smartphone Android 10 | Redmi Smartphone |

Settings for Samsung Phone

Select AutoBeacon under App Info and then select Battery

Enable "Allow background activity". This allows AutoBeacon to run in background. Then select "Optimise battery usage"

Disable AutoBeacon under "Optimise Battery Usage"

Under "Device Care" Settings, select Battery

Select "Power Mode" in the Battery screen

Select "Optimized Power mode" and disable "Adaptive Battery"

Go back and Select "App Power Management" in the Battery screen

Disable "Adaptive Battery" and Disable "Put unused apps to sleep"

Settings for OnePlus Phone

Select Battery Optimisation under Battery Settings

Select AutoBeacon under Battery Optimisation

Select "Don't Optimise" for AutoBeacon

Go back to "Battery Optimisation" and Select "Advanced Optimisation"

Disable "Adaptive Battery", "Sleep Standby Optimisation" or any similar advanced optimization

Check AutoBeacon Permissions as above

Settings for Redmi Phone

Select Battery screen from Settings and then select "App Battery Saver"

In App Battery Saver, select AutoBeacon App

Select "No restrictions". This enables AutoBeacon to run in the background

Select AutoBeacon App from Manage Apps.

Enable AutoStart. Then select "Other Permissions"

Make sure all permissions are enabled. These permissions may vary from phone model to model.