Smartphone Settings while using AutoPulse App

These Settings enable AutoPulse App to run in the background on your phone so that it can connect to the OBD Dongle in your car automatically. Also, these settings enable AutoPulse to be unaffected by Battery optimizations in the smartphone.

Redmi Smartphone | Samsung Smartphone | OnePlus Smartphone

Settings for Redmi Phone

Go to Power Settings and Select "Battery Saver"

Select AutoPulse App

Select "No Restrictions" Option. This enables AutoPulse App to run in the background

Go to Manage Apps and Select AutoPulse App

Enable Autostart permission for AutoPulse. Then, select the "Other Permission" options

Under Permissions, make sure all three permissions are enabled

Settings for Samsung Phone

Select AutoPulse under App Info and then select Battery

Enable "Allow background activity". This allows AutoPulse to run in background. Then select "Optimise battery usage"

Disable AutoPulse under "Optimise Battery Usage"

Under "Device Care" Settings, select Battery

Select "Settings" in the Battery screen

Disable "Adaptive Battery" and "Put unused apps to sleep"

Settings for OnePlus Phone

Select Battery Optimisation under Battery Settings

Select AutoPulse under Battery Optimisation

Select "Don't Optimise" for AutoPulse

Go back to "Battery Optimisation" and Select "Advanced Optimisation"

Disable "Deep Optimisation" and "Sleep Standby Optimisation"