Trip Follow Feature in AutoWiz GPS Tracking Solution

AutoWiz Trip Follow feature is an extension to our AutoWiz Trip Sharing Feature which allows your friends to retrace the path you've taken previously so that they follow the same route.This feature comes handy in many real life scenarios some of which have been illustrated below

Path to office/home

Let us say there are 3 different ways to reach your home from your office and let's say that you have figured out a route which is optimal route but a convoluted one. The Autowiz Trip Follow feature retraces the trip route you've taken in your car fitted with the AutoWiz device so that it'll act as a guide for someone who is travelling from your office to your home .

The same concept holds true with a taxi ride as well. With the help of AutoWiz App, you can share the planned route you've historically taken in your car with the taxi driver, so that you take the most optimized route to reach your destination.

Following a long distance inter-city trip

You can share the path you've taken along a scenic detour with your friends so that they can also follow the same path to incase they intend to visit the same place you've visited

Let's take a look at a few different ways to do this with your AutoWiz Trip Follow feature. This feature can be availed in two main scenarios

  • To follow a historical trip
  • To follow an ongoing trip

Following a historical trip

When one shares a historical trip, the recipient will receive a link which pops up a webpage consisting of a map showcasing the route of the historical trip shared. The page also provides salient features of the trip like trip start location, trip end location, current location of the person, distance travelled and time taken for the entire trip.

AutoWiz car location tracker to follow Historical Trip
AutoWiz  car location tracker to follow Ongoing Trip

Following an Ongoing Trip

The process is the same for sharing an ongoing trip as well. The recipient will receive a link which pops up a webpage consisting of a map showcasing the route of the ongoing trip shared.The red arrow represents the current location of the car where as the green dot represents the current location of the person who is tracking the car.

Usage of Trip follow feature incase of multiple cars travelling together

Incase of family outing or a out of station drive with a large group of friends, the travel usually consists of more than one car which requires making multiple calls across the cars to coordinate the travel. This can be tedious.

Here's when the trip follow feature comes in handy, where people in the following car can track the leading car fitted with AutoWiz device which makes the travel more streamlined and stress free!

To avail this feature, you can purchase the AutoWiz GPS tracking device at AutoWiz Advanced GPS Tracking Device or if you have any doubts related to the product or the features, you can drop in a query at AutoWiz or give us a call at +91- 9066034800.

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