AutoWiz GPS Tracking Solution for School Bus Tracking and Management

Transportation in schools is one of the important aspects for any parent or a guardian in choosing a school. One of the biggest onus for the school administration is to ferry the children safely back and forth to school. On top of that they are also accountable to update the parents about any possible delays that may avert their children from returning home on time. Hence, the schools cannot be complacent in this regard and need to have a secure and dependable gps tracking service to manage the school bus operations.

School Bus with AutoWiz GPS Tracking Device

The following are a few critical questions that always linger the minds of the parent and the school administration, whenever the kids are ferried from the school to home
  • Which route is the bus driver taking ?
  • How will I know if the bus has reached a certain place?
  • How do I keep track if the school bus is being driven in a restricted area?
  • How will I notify the parents about the arrival of the bus at the bus stop?
  • What if the bus breaks down in the middle of the road?
  • How can I ensure that the bus driver is driving safely ?
AutoWiz OBD based GPS tracking Solution helps the School Administration to keep check on all the above issues with regards to the school transportation. Here is a detailed information of on the issues AutoWiz addresses:
AutoWiz benefits for Schools
AutoWiz Benefits for Parents

Improved Safety for Children

AutoWiz GPS tracking solution helps the school administrators to keep track of school vans in real time. With the help of AutoWiz, the school administration is alerted if the van drivers engage in unsafe driving behavior, such as overspeeding, sudden braking or entering restricted zones.

School Bus Health Monitoring

AutoWiz helps the School to keep a check on the health of the vans which are being used for transportation. AutoWiz provides information about various parameters about the vehicle like engine diagnostic codes, battery condition, coolant temperature and emission control that are essential for the smooth running of the vehicles on a day to day basis. This helps the school administrators to schedule maintenance whenever required reducing downtime and breakdowns.

Cut down on fuel costs

AutoWiz GPS Tracking Solution helps schools to cut down on fuel costs by keeping track of fuel consumed by the school vans in each trip and the routes that drivers take on a daily basis. With this information, the School Administration can advise the school bus drivers to take the optimal route which can reduce the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle and thereby cutting the cost.

Driving Behavior

With AutoWiz, the School Administration can keep a tab on the driving behavior of their drivers. AutoWiz provides vital insights like over speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration, unnecessary long idling etc. which helps them to objectively gauge their driving discipline and coach them to become safer drivers.

Geofence to avoid unauthorised areas

The AutoWiz OBD based GPS tracking solution can be beneficial in setting up the geofences which will provide alerts to the mobile when the vehicle being tracked enters or leaves a fenced zone. This can help the school administration in two ways.
  • To have knowledge about the vehicle moving in and out of the school premises.
  • To keep a check on the school bus driver from travelling to unauthorised areas.

Web Application to download Comprehensive Reports

AutoWiz Web Application
AutoWiz Web Application allows the school administration to download daily/weekly/monthly reports which provide a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the vehicle routes, account the driving distances and time taken, review performance of the vehicles, driving behavior of each vehicle which can help them take logical decisions accordingly.

Peace of Mind for Parents

AutoWiz App for Parents
AutoWiz Mobile App for parents allows each parent to track the school van in real time and also get notified about the specific arrival times of the van at the bus stop. This not only helps the parents to reduce the amount of time they have to wait for the school bus to arrive at the stop but also avoids them from making frantic calls to the school administration and the bus drivers about the arrival of the school bus in case the school bus is running late for some reason.

To avail these features, you can purchase the AutoWiz GPS tracking device at AutoWiz Advanced GPS Tracking Device or if you have any doubts related to the product or the features, you can drop in a query at AutoWiz or give us a call at +91- 9066034800.

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