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AutoWiz Car Tracking Solution

AutoWiz is an advanced car tracking solution. AutoWiz App on your mobile combines with AutoWiz OBD (On-board diagnostics) GPS device in your car to make your car a smart car and you a smarter driver. Just plug AutoWiz device to your car and make your car always connected to the cloud. Autowiz App on your mobile connects to your car's data in the cloud and brings you all the insights at your finger-tips.

We now also offer AutoWiz HotSpot which is an upgraded version of the best-selling AutoWiz OBD device. AutoWiz Hotspot transforms your car into a 4G speed Wi-Fi hotspot apart from offering all the connected car features of AutoWiz OBD device.

Real-Time Car Tracking

Know your car location in real time. See accurate driving path and current speed of your car. Easily review all past trip details.

Location Notifications

Set places of interest to you such as your Home or Office. Get notified on mobile when your car reaches or leaves that place.

Anti-theft Alarm

Set up alarm that notifies you in case your car is started or towed during the alarm period

Fast In-Car WiFi

(Only with AutoWiz Hotspot) 4G speed WiFi hotspot in the car. Turns on automatically with car and no charging/battery needed.

Ensure Safe Driving

Monitor instances of over-speeding, engine idling, sudden acceleration, hard braking and over-revving

Car Health Report

Keep track of your vehicle's maintenance needs including battery, coolant and engine diagnostics trouble codes

Save fuel

Know exactly how your car performed. Track fuel mileage for each trip and get insights to save fuel

Access from iOS, Android and Web

Access your car's data on the AutoWiz Mobile App for Andriod/iOS or AutoWiz Fleet Management Web App (for fleet owners).

AutoWiz OBD

Get AutoWiz OBD Device with one year subscription

AutoWiz HotSpot

Get AutoWiz Hotspot at a great introductory price

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AutoWiz OBD Device

Introductory Offer Rs. 9000 Rs. 6450

AutoWiz Hotspot Device

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The all new AutoWiz HotSpot is an upgraded version of the best selling AutoWiz OBD GPS device which turns your car into a 4G speed Wi-Fi hotspot to help you stay connected on the go.

Apart from acting as a wifi hotspot, this powerful OBD (On-board Diagnostics) and GPS solution allows you to track your car in real time, remotely monitor car health and get insights to help save fuel and drive safer.

  • In Car Wifi
  • 4G connectivity
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Location Notifications
  • Driving Behavior
  • Car Health
  • Anti-theft features
  • Compatible with wide range of vehicles

Plug AutoWiz Hotspot Device into the OBDII of your car. Switching on car ignition would activate the wifi in your car. Access Wifi on your mobile device using the Wifi SSID and Password that will be provided to you.

Device sends car location and condition data to AutoWiz Cloud via Cellular network. View your car data and insights from AutoWiz Mobile App on your mobile. Install and complete the sign up process in AutoWiz App on your mobile using the AutoWiz Device ID and Password that will be provided to you. Start Driving and See your car Location and other information in the App.

The Warranty period for AutoWiz HotSpot is 12 months.

AutoWiz Application is available on both Android and IOS platforms.You can download the application by clicking on the links below

The price of the AutoWiz Hotspot is INR 10,450 which includes one year of subscription to AutoWiz Mobile App. Customer is responsible for the 4G SIM purchase and ongoing 4G SIM data charges. Annual subscription fee from the second year is Rs. 1200 (plus GST).

Three simple steps to start using AutoWiz

Get these amazing benefits

Location tracking and notifications

Get Real-time Location and speed of your car and set notifications on your phone so you're always connected to your vehicle.

Know where your car is in real time on a map, including whether its parked or moving. See detailed trip history and accurate driving path and speed of your car on your mobile, including direction in which its moving. Set places of interest to you (such as your Home, Work) and get alerts on your mobile when your car is near your place. Set up a geo-fence in the App and get notified when your car crosses it, thus ensuring that your car remains within a boundary

Find directions to reach to your vehicle from your current location. You can also allow your friends or contacts to track your car location from their mobile, when needed.

AutoWiz device uses GPS and GPRS to get the real time geo-location of vehicle every few seconds and sends it to our server in the cloud in real time. In case of loss of GPRS connection, location data is temporarily stored in the device and sent to our server as soon as GPRS connection is re-established. So, you don't miss any information.

Improve driving behavior

Review your Driving Behaviour on the AutoWiz App with trip statistics and weekly charts to become a better driver.

Know exactly how your car and the driver performed on each trip. Review detailed trip statistics for each trip including Distance, Average speed and Mileage. Get accurate account of driving habits such as over-speeding, engine idling, sudden acceleration, hard acceleration and over-revving.

AutoWiz helps you find out if you are doing excessive idling which is a major contributor to high fuel consumption. Also, discover tendency to overspeed, accelerate and brake suddenly, which has impact on safety and mileage.

See consolidated charts and insights of your driving behavior to help you drive safer and save fuel.

Customize your driving and car health related alert settings based on your preferences.

Car Anti-theft Alarm on Phone

Protect your car by setting an Anti-Theft Alarm on the App and get notified if your car is driven within that time frame

Set up alarm for set timings that sends you notification on your mobile in case the vehicle is driven or towed during that time.

Car's internal health report

Check your car's Internal Health with a report on AutoWiz App so you never have to suffer an unexpected breakdown again

Remotely keep track of your car's vital parameters and maintenance needs before breakdown occurs.

Battery status warning indicates if the Voltage level is starting to go down. High Coolant temperature indicates if the Coolant is overheating. Engine Diagnostics warning indicates if there is any Engine related component malfunction.


4G Wifi in the car with AutoWiz HotSpot

Now everyone in the car can access 4G internet through their wi-fi enabled phone, tablet or laptop.Get connected to the fast internet automatically as the car starts.

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