Catch up with driving excellence!

Have you ever come across a time where you wanted to perfect something, like driving, but you just thought it demanded too much of an effort? How many times have you given up like that? When it comes to driving, we all think we're the best drivers on the road. The roads in India require drivers to have an innate ability to watch the road on all sides at all times and whether you drive aggressively or defensively, you will always think you are in the right. But the truth is, there are some driving trends that you can strive to perfect which demand little to no effort!

When it comes to driving trends, over-speeding and long idling are key factors to look out for. Over-speeding might get you to your destination quicker, but the reality is two-fold. One, it is extremely dangerous to you and everyone around you. And two, over a period of time, your fuel economy is cut low as fuel is burnt faster when the car's acceleration is increased. Fuel-wise, 2 minutes at a traffic signal may not seem like a long time for your car to idle, but again, over a period of different signals and time, a lot fuel is lost in the process.

Other factors that lead to loss of fuel are over-revving, sudden braking and hard-acceleration.

But it's not all in the hands(and feet!) of drivers. To become a better driver, you also need to have a good car and espcecially, the engine to be in good condition. Because if you are not sure your car starts when needed, you are not going to switch it off at a signal!

AutoWiz is just the app for you, then! With the AutoWiz device, you can view your driving trends and know where you go wrong on a daily basis by reviewing your completed trips. To see if you have improved over the week, weekly charts are shown to give you an idea as to where your driving can be improved and manage your fuel economy likewise.

AutoWiz gps car tracker App dashboard with driving alert charts (2)
AutoWiz gps car tracker App dashboard with alerts on trip map (2)

Know all about your engine as well with your car's health report on the app. Look up your engine diagnostics, battery level and coolant temperature so that you never have to experience a breakdown.

AutoWiz gps car tracker App dashboard with driving alert threshold settings
AutoWiz gps car tracker App dashboard with engine diagnostic error code display

Keep your car in perfect condition and ensure that you're neither an aggressive nor a defensive driver, but a smarter one! Smart car. Smarter you!