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Indian roads can be dangerous to drive on. People drive aggressively when all the while, they should be driving defensively. Rash driving and over-speeding can be seen almost every day and lead to a number of accidents. What if it were our loved ones or family members that were in those accidents?

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 1.41 lakh lives were lost on Indian roads in 2014 which averages to almost 16 lives lost every hour. Road accidents have become the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 29! In the state of Kerala alone, it was reported that 97% of the lives claimed by their roads were due to rash driving and over-speeding.

People who over-speed and drive rashly tend to think they have control over their car. But at a certain point, it becomes apparent that their car, in reality, has complete control over them when speed limits are crossed. This can be dangerous because at such speeds, anything could happen. So how sure are you that your loved one drives safely? Do you need them to stop driving so rash so that they don't endanger people's lives? And how sure are you that your driver doesn't think he's a stuntman with your car when you aren't around? An accident could occur which could potentially endanger the lives of everyone present at the scene!

That's where AutoWiz comes in. AutoWiz ensures that we make your safety our top priority by giving you the ability to monitor the driving behavior of the person behind the wheel. The AutoWiz App provides accurate trip statistics and weekly charts that help you track each instance and trend of over-speeding, hard-braking and sudden acceleration, thus helping you to improve the driver's behavior.

AutoWiz App showing driving alerts on trip map
AutoWiz App showing driving alert charts

The AutoWiz App works well for parents too, as the app gives you a detailed analysis on how your child was driving by enabling you to observe when they've over-sped, over-revved and hard-braked. You can even set the destination on your phone and get notified when they've reached safely.

The AutoWiz app works in tandem with the AutoWiz OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) device in your car and communicates via the server in the cloud. With the help of GPS and GPRS, you get real time geo-locations of your car every few seconds

AutoWiz App home page showing live car tracking
Notifications on Android phone from AutoWiz car gps tracker App

If your car is driver driven, make sure you know where your car is at all times with the App. If you have trust issues with the driver and you want to ensure that you can track the car at all times, the AutoWiz device can be hidden with the help of an extendible cord so your driver will find it hard to locate or unplug the device.

When damages are incurred, it's likely that you will take a hit on the resale value of the car. More importantly, the impact on human life is devastating. With technology making your loved one's life a lot safer as well as yours, ensure it by catching up with life today, only with AutoWiz, your connected car solution!