AutoWiz Geo-Fence Solution for Better Fleet Management

  • Are you a company or an individual who has a fleet of vehicles and are having a difficult time managing them?
  • Are you worried if your vehicle has started on time, picked up a delivery and reached the destination on time of arrival to a destination?
  • Are you sceptical about the unauthorised driving movements by your driving staff especially during or post the normal working hours?
It is no surprise that the above questions are a few of the many questions which cause sleepless nights to any fleet owner.
Is there any solution which is comprehensive enough to put an end to this hassle? The answer is yes.

Now using AutoWiz Advanced GPS tracking solution, one can not only track the vehicle but can also set up a geo fence that can help you monitor your fleet.

So what exactly is a geo fence and how is it useful to an individual who owns a fleet?
A geofence is an advanced vehicle GPS tracking feature wherein one can setup a boundary around a geographical location so as to receive notifications when a vehicle enters or leaves the perimeter of that area.
Trip History in AutoWiz car gps tracker
Add Place in AutoWiz car gps tracker

The geofence feature in the AutoWiz Advanced GPS tracking solution allows a fleet owner to
  • Ensure that the driver remains within a certain geographical boundary
  • Document time taken on a job site
For example, if you are a service company or a logistics chain, the AutoWiz solution allows you to create a geofence for each location of the customer so as to notify you about the arrival and departure time of the driver. This can help you keep track of the time taken to complete the job for each customer.
AutoWiz Mobile App helps you to seamlessly setup a geofence around a particular location of your desire.

To set geofence notifications on your AutoWiz Mobile App, you'll have to select and name a location first. This can be done by browsing through your trip history and clicking on the Place icon located next to the destination address Once this is done, you can choose to setup a circular geofence around this location in the location notifications part of the app. Any distance between 1 km and 200 kms can be entered as the radius of the circular geo-fence.

Location Notification in AutoWiz car gps tracker
Add Notification in AutoWiz car gps tracker

And Voila! You're done setting up geofence on your AutoWiz App, now sit back and receive notifications about the whereabouts of your vehicle from time to time. You can also customize the radius of the geo fence according to your feasibility and requirements.

We're not done yet, geofence is just one of the many fascinating features you can avail using the AutoWiz Advanced GPS tracking Solution. As a fleet owner, AutoWiz provides you with a wide range of features including real time tracking, vehicle health report, anti-theft alarm, driving behaviour monitoring, mileage and trip details and many more which will help you to manage your fleet in the most efficient way.
So, that pretty much sums up this blog. Watch this space for more!
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