Announcing launch of AutoWiz

We are glad to announce the launch of AutoWiz, the connected car solution for personal car owners and businesses.

AutoWiz App on mobile combines with AutoWiz OBD (On-board diagnostics) device in your car to make your car a smart car and you a smarter driver. AutoWiz device makes your car always connected to the cloud. Autowiz App on your mobile plugs into your car's datafeed in the cloud and brings you all the insights at your finger-tips.

As a user, one gets plenty of cool and useful features on the AutoWiz App. These include tracking your car location in real time, understand how your car is being driven to help save fuel and drive safer, get alerted on phone in case your car is being stolen and remotely monitor your car's vital parameters.

Whether you own a car for personal use or business use, a small car or a SUV, AutoWiz works with your car to give you peace of mind, convenience and save you money.

Our goal with AutoWiz is to combine various elements of IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud and Mobile technologies to offer you a simple to use yet powerful solution. Please reach out to us if you would like to know more and watch this space for more updates.

Check out the AutoWiz promo video here