AutoWiz GPS Tracking Solution for Car Rental Businesses

Running a self-drive car rental business is tough. It's both lucrative & precarious at the same time. The fact that you have to hand over the keys of your vehicle to someone about whom you have no clue about makes it much more scarier. Though there is a lot of paperwork done prior to renting the cars to someone there is always a sense of concern about the driver who will be handling your car. Is the person being the wheel a responsible driver? Will he overspeed? Does he sudden brake too often?Hence the utmost priority of any car rental owner is to supervise the handling and usage aspect of the car by someone who has rented it.

AutoWiz GPS Tracking  Solution Benefits for Car Rental Companies

AutoWiz is an advanced OBD (On-board Diagnostics) based car gps tracker that enables car rental companies to monitor car location, driving behavior and much more to keep them at ease while renting out their cars.

Benefits of AutoWiz OBD GPS Tracking Solution for Car Rental Companies

AutoWiz Benefits for Car Rental Companies

Real time tracking of cars

AutoWiz helps you track your cars in real time so that you are always aware of your asset locations and their status information. Car rental companies can also keep track of historical trips that have been taken previously over a period of time.

Get to know the driving behavior of your client

One of the common issues that crop up in the car rental businesses includes mishandling of the car. This basically involves rash driving behavior such as over speeding, over revving, hard accelerating etc. These parameters are pivotal to not only judge the driving behavior of the person driving the car but also estimate the depreciation of the different parts of the car. Autowiz OBD GPS device provides the following alerts with regards to the driving behavior whenever a trip is taken.
  • Sudden Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Over Speeding
  • Over Revving
  • Long Idling

Monitor your car's health remotely

The cars that being rented out are subjected to a lot of wear and tear as they are usually driven for long distances. This has a big impact on the engine of the car which is basically the heart of the car. AutoWiz OBD based GPS tracking solution provides vital insights on the health of the car like engine diagnostic trouble codes, battery condition, and coolant temperature.
AutoWiz GPS Tracking Device for Car Health Insights

AutoWiz GPS Tracking Device for Car Engine Diagnostics

Remote monitoring of these car health parameters helps the car renting companies to not rent out flawed cars to the client and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Anti-Theft Alarm and Geo Fence Notifications for your car's security

AutoWiz's anti-theft feature sends push notifications to the owner of the vehicle whenever the car has been started without the owners knowledge. AutoWiz OBD GPS device has a built in accelerometer that can be used to detect an emergency situation like a crash. This immediately alerts the rental company in case of emergency and arrange for help. AutoWiz solution can be beneficial in setting up the geofences which will provide alerts to the mobile when the car being tracked enters or leaves a fenced zone. This can help the car rental companies to have knowledge about the cars moving in and out of car parking yards.

Improve Service Credibility for your customers

AutoWiz provides a gamut of features that go beyond security and safety. Whenever there is a breakdown of the car, the car rental company can locate the client real time and provide help. This largely helps in cutting down the time a client has to wait to get back on the road and further enhances credibility of the company's commitment to superior service. The Route Replay feature in the AutoWiz Web Application will help the car rental company to replay the entire trip and which can act as a proof so as to resolve any misunderstandings with the client regarding the drive taken and the driving behavior during the drive.

Web Application to manage fleet

AutoWiz Web Application
AutoWiz OBD based GPS tracking solution for vehicles also consists of a web based application which allows the car renatal compnies to monitor all its cars on the desktop in real time. This application includes a comprehensive report suite that enables user to download data and reports in an easy-to-analyze format.

AutoWiz OBD Device for the clients of Car Rental Companies

AutoWiz advanced OBD GPS tracking solution is not just helpful to the car rental companies, it also is very beneficial for their customers.

Trip Sharing for the clients

The trip share feature in the AutoWiz OBD GPS tracking solution allows the car rental company to share a weblink with their customers, which remains active for the period the car is rented by the customer. This link allows the customer's family or friends to track the location of the car in real time, thus enabling safety, security and convenience for the customers.

Loyalty rewards based on safe driving behavior

Car rental company can reward safe drivers with discounts on rental rates based based on the anaylzed driving behavior, thus helping promote brand loyalty amongst safe drivers.

Purchase the AutoWiz GPS tracking device at AutoWiz Advanced GPS Tracking Device or if you have any doubts related to the product or the features, you can drop in a query at AutoWiz or give us a call at +91- 9066034800.

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