Trip Sharing Feature in AutoWiz GPS Tracking Solution

Waiting is annoying and stressful for anyone, be it your friend or a customer or you yourself. Now it can be much more annoying if the person who is waiting is in the dark about your arrival time. So what if I say, we have imbibed a feature into our AutoWiz GPS tracking App that puts an end to this small but painfully annoying issue.

Introducing the all new AutoWiz Trip Share feature which is a fast, reliable and accurate way of letting your loved ones know about your whereabouts on the go. This powerful yet simple attribute lets you to share your car's current location in real-time with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Let us dive into a few real life scenarios where AutoWiz trip Sharing feature could bail us out. As individuals we might have come across the following situations at some point of time in our daily life.

  • Having to pick up a relative from airport and want him to track your car location so that you don't have to co-ordinate with multiple calls?
  • Doing a car pool with colleagues and want them to know where you are every morning?
  • Our loved ones awaiting our arrival at home?

Step by step guide to share your current location in AutoWiz GPS tracking app

The above are just of handful of several scenarios where people usually switch on their panic button leading to an infinite loop of "where are you" calls. The Trip Sharing feature provided in the AutoWiz advanced GPS tracking device application will solve this issue and prevent chaos in all these situations. AutoWiz Trip Sharing feature enables the owner of AutoWiz to share the location of his or her car on demand with anyone.
All you have to do is to follow these 3 simple steps in the AutoWiz App.

Step 1:Click on the share icon on the home screen in your AutoWiz Mobile App
Step 2:Enter the duration (in minutes) for which you would like to allow your car to be tracked by your friend
Step 3:Next, choose email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other messaging App on your mobile to send the tracking URL to your friend
That's it, your friend can track your car location from any browser on his phone, tablet or PC just by clicking on the URL.
Step 1 of Trip Sharing feature in the AutoWiz gps tracker for car
Step 2 of Trip Sharing feature in the AutoWiz gps tracker for car
Step 3 of Trip Sharing feature in the AutoWiz gps tracker for car
Tracking Mobile Page of AutoWiz gps tracker for car

Hang on! We're not done yet.
Tracking Web Page of AutoWiz gps tracker for car

Historical Trip Sharing

Autowiz GPS tracking solution application also provides an option for sharing the trip which you have taken in the past.

An example would help you understand the historical trip sharing feature much better, let us say that there are 3 different ways to reach from point A to point B.

You want to share how you went from point A to point B to another friend. This could be the best way to reach your home from a landmark or some scenic detour that you took on a long drive. Sharing a historic trip from AutoWiz App with a friend allows your friend to review the exact path you took.

Autowiz Trip Sharing feature for your business

AutoWiz Trip Sharing feature is just not helpful to individuals. It also serves a great purpose to the businesses. "How?" you ask. Here it is,

So, let us take the classic yet the most frequent issue faced by any B2C company.
Your customer is awaiting her delivery and she has no clue whatsoever about the arrival of the delivery van. This situation needless to say set off all the panic alarms from her end prompting her to call your helpdesk umpteen number of times.

Now this is when the AutoWiz trip sharing feature comes into play.
Using this feature you can share the current location of the vehicle with the customer so that she can track the vehicle herself and has a clear cut idea of when to expect the delivery.This feature would not only solve the basic issue of location ignorance at the customer's end, but will earn you brownie points with regards to your customer service and transparency thus building credibility of your brand and distinguishing you from your competitors.

So, now that you are aware of the trip sharing feature and its applications in real life, you don't have to worry about coordination issues. Use the AutoWiz GPS tracking device and make use of this feature to optimize your time.

To avail this feature, you can purchase the AutoWiz GPS tracking device at AutoWiz Advanced GPS Tracking Device or if you have any doubts related to the product or the features, you can drop in a query at AutoWiz or give us a call at +91- 9066034800.

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