Connected Vehicle App for OBD Bluetooth Devices

AutoPulse App on your mobile combines with OBDII/ELM Bluetooth device in your car to make your car a smart car and you a smarter driver. AutoPulse App connects to your OBDII/ELM Bluetooth Device in your car via Bluetooth and gathers real time information regarding car performance, your driving behavior and car diagnostics.

Trip Dashboard

Real time view of Trip Distance, Current Speed, RPM, Average Speed and Fuel Mileage

Review Driving History

Historical Trip Summary and Alert Logs help the driver review past driving and car performance and health alert history at convenience.

Works across Vehicle makes/models

AutoPulse works across vehicle makes and models that support OBDII standard. Also, supports both Petrol (Gasoline) and Diesel vehicles.

Ensure Safe and Eco Driving

App alerts the Driver in real time for Alerts such as Overspeeding, Hard Acceleration, Sudden Braking, Over-revving and Long Idling.

Vehicle Health Alerts

App alerts the Driver in case of any Engine Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and High Coolant Temperature

Combines with AutoWiz for Fleet Management

Combine AutoPulse with AutoWiz add-on subscription to unlock remote vehicle tracking and other fleet management features.

Easy to set-up

AutoPulse App shows all the insights in Real time

Live Trip Dashboard

Get a real time view of Trip Distance, Current Speed, RPM, Average Speed and Fuel Mileage.

Driving and Vehicle Health Alerts

Real time notification for Driving Alerts and Engine Diagnostics

Review Driving History

Historical Trip Summary and Alert Logs to review past driving and car performance

Combine with AutoWiz for Remote Tracking and Fleet Management

With an additional paid AutoWiz subscription, AutoPulse App on the Driver's phone can also send car GPS location (from Driver's smartphone), driving behavior and car performance data (from OBD Device) in real time to our AutoWiz Cloud Server. With AutoWiz paid subscription, you can start using our flagship AutoWiz App that connects to your car data feed in the cloud.

AutoWiz App enables you to remotely monitor your car's real time location, driving behavior, fuel mileage and car health alerts. Also, get daily, weekly and monthly trend charts to see your driving and car performance trends.

If you are a Fleet Owner, you can combine AutoPulse App with AutoWiz Fleet Management Dashboard Subscription and get full visibility to manage your fleet, with advanced features enabled via the OBD data.

Contact us to know more about how you can combine AutoPulse with AutoWiz subscription to unlock remote car tracking features and have a powerful, yet affordable connected car solution.