AutoWiz Route Planning, Optimization and Tracking

AutoWiz Route Tracking Dashboard with map view, order and location list and route details on laptop screen

Efficiently Plan and Execute Your Field Operations

For Goods Distribution, Last Mile Delivery, Employee Transport and Field Workforce.
Optimizes Resource Utilization, Saves Cost and Improves Customer Satisfaction.


Optimize Routes

Automatically generate schedules and routes optimized for Resources, Cost, Travel Distance


With Real-life Constraints

Set constraints on Vehicle capacities, Customer time windows, Field crew working hours and more


Crew App for Drivers

App to view latest schedule, navigate and update status of tasks. App based location tracking.


Track in Fleet Dashboard

See where your vehicles and drivers are at real time. See progress of all routes and tasks.

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Our Integrated Suite of Applications

AutoWiz Route planning and optimisation flow

Route Planning Software

  • Optimized scheduling and routing of tasks for daily varying demand at different geographical locations

  • Automatically generates schedules and routes optimized for relevant resources

  • High performance – can optimize for thousands of orders in a few minutes

Best in Class Optimization: Can optimize for multiple objectives

  • Minimize number of vehicles used

  • Minimize travel distance/travel time of each vehicle

  • Even distribution of orders, distance and load among the vehicles

  • Combined Optimization of forward and reverse logistics

AutoWiz Route Planner Webapp
Route Planning Demand and Resource constraints

Versatile Model Support

  • AutoWiz Route Planning supports multiple type of constraints to optimize for variety of real life operational scenarios including Last Mile Delivery, Courier Operations, Employee Transport and Field Force Operations.

  • Simple Excel format input – easy to create, customize and feed inputs in from other systems

App for Field Crew

  • Enables Field crew to sign-in for duty and view their scheduled tasks and locations

  • Field crew can update status of each task in App enabling real-time order status tracking in AutoWiz Route Tracking Application

  • Built-in Phone-based GPS location tracking enables live tracking of crew location in AutoWiz Fleet Management Application

  • Tracking optimized for Phone battery and runs in background

  • Rash driving alerts to ensure the safety of crew and cargo

AutoWiz Route planning Crew App Mobile Screen
AutoWiz Route Tracking Dashboard with map view, order and location list and route details

Route Plan and Fleet Tracking Dashboard

  • Operation supervisors can track actual progress on each route

  • Real time status of tasks completed/pending and whether crew is running on time

  • Timely alerts for Route deviation and geofence entry/exits

  • Share delivery vehicle location on-demand with key end customers

  • Reports on On-time Performance, Fleet utilization and Distance covered

  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement

  • Option for OBD-GPS Device based Fleet Tracking for Advanced Driving Behavior and Fleet Health Monitoring

Key Use Cases

Last Mile Logistics

Efficiently manage your fleet of vehicles and personnel for last mile logistics, distribution or courier type operations. Automatically create optimal routes to pick-up/drop goods while adhering to each customer's preferred time window.

Field operations management flow with AutoWiz Fleet Solution

Field Force Operations Management

Efficiently manage your field force such as sales or service team. Automatically create optimal schedules and routes to visit customer locations while adhering to each customer's preferred time window and field team member work hours.

Benefits of AutoWiz Route Planning and Tracking


20% increase in Efficiency

Direct reduction of vehicle hire, fuel and crew costs. Save time in daily planning, crew communication and tracking deliveries.


On-time deliveries up by 50%

Higher Customer satisfaction via increase in First Attempt Delivery Rate (FADF) and On-time In-full (OTIF) Deliveries.

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