Video Telematics Solution

AutoVision Video Telematics
AutoVision Video Telematics

Smartphone based Video Intelligence for Safe Driving

AutoVision combines Telematics with Smartphone based Video Intelligence to identify true risky driving alerts and encourage safe driving


Identify True Risky Driving

Driving context for each Rash Driving Alert


Coach Drivers

Automated Alerts and Coaching for Safe Driving


Exonerate Drivers

Reliable evidence when Driver was not at fault


Affordable, At-the-edge Tech

Smartphone Camera and In-App Analytics

Key Features

Know True Risk of Rash Driving Alert

  • AutoVision App analyzes front traffic video from smartphone camera to identify risk of rash driving.

  • Uses advanced AI technology to determine if rash driving alerts (such as over-speeding or sudden braking) presented a real accident risk based on traffic context.

  • App analyzes traffic video feed during a rash driving instance to identify near objects (such as car, truck or pedestrian) and assess relative risk of an accident.

  • Classifies high severity incidents and captures them as video alerts for post review.

  • Provides actionable insights and evidence for fleet operators to ensure safety of drivers, passengers and assets.

Vision based Rash Driving alert risk
Smart Video Analytics

Video Analytics Smartly Combines with Telematics

  • AutoVision uses video feed from a docked smartphone camera in the vehicle, no additional dashcam needed.

  • Uses smartphone sensor data to identify rash driving behaviors such as overspeeding, sudden braking, and hard acceleration.

  • Can also be interfaced with other telematics devices in the vehicle like OBD and GPS tracking devices.

  • Video feed is only analyzed around the time of a rash driving alert and can also be manually initiated for evidence purposes.

  • Utilizes at-the-edge AI and machine vision technology to analyze data on the smartphone, no internet connection or expensive server deployment needed.

  • Affordable and scalable video telematics solution for fleets of all sizes.

Intuitive Video Alerts Review in App

  • AutoVision's Video Alert List and Detail screens allow drivers to review each video alert.

  • Analyzed alert video clip is annotated with identified objects of interest and relative distance to the vehicle.

  • Can be viewed with location, speed, and risk assessment for complete context.

  • Empowers drivers to self-review and improve driving behavior through transparent and intuitive information delivery.

AutoVision Video Alerts