AutoBeacon works with BLE Beacon

AutoBeacon Smartphone Telematics with BLE Beacon

Powerful Smartphone Telematics with Low Cost Beacon Device

AutoBeacon Smartphone Telematics App combines with our Low cost BLE Beacon Device in the Vehicle for accurate Trip Logging and Driving Behaviour Monitoring.


Automatically Tag Trips

Beacon placed in a specific vehicle tags the vehicle and ensures only valid driving data from that vehicle is scored


Optimizes Battery Use

Reduces Battery Usage of Smartphone App and increases Privacy as only trips in tagged Vehicle are recorded

AutoBeacon BLE Beacon

Accurate Driving Behaviour

Beacon's Built-in accelerometer improves accuracy of Driving Behaviour monitoring and crash detection


Versatile and Affordable

Useful for all types of vehicles, especially those with no built-in telematics

How It Works

Small, Low Cost and Powerful

Beacon is a small, low cost, coin battery powered device that has a built-in accelerometer sensor and connects to Smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Small, Low Cost and Powerful
Easy to Install BLE Beacon

Easy to Install

Beacon can be easily self-installed by the User by sticking it on a flat surface of the car near the dashboard.

Connect with AutoBeacon App

Each Beacon has a unique ID, which the User specifies that in the AutoBeacon App. AutoBeacon App on Driver Phone automatically connects with the specified Beacon during the drive.

BLE Beacon connects with AutoBeacon App
Accurate Driving Behavior with BLE Beacon

Combines with AutoBeacon App to Rate Driving Behavior

Accelerometer sensor data from Beacon combined with GPS and Gyroscope sensor data from Driver Phone is processed in AutoBeacon App. Combination enables best-in-class Trip Statistics and Driving Behaviour Analysis. Also, enables real time crash detection and reporting.

Key Use Cases

AutoBeacon for Usage Based Insurance

Usage Based Insurance

Scalable, Robust and Affordable Usage Based Insurance for both Pay-as-you-Drive and Pay-how-you-drive models

AutoBeacon for Safe Driving

Safe Driving for Fleets

Tag Fleet Vehicles with Beacon. Assess accurate driving behaviour for only On-duty trips using AutoBeacon App.

AutoBeacon for monitoring Rider Comfort

Passenger Fleet Comfort

Use optional Temperature sensor in Beacon to monitor Cabin temperature along with bumps/jerks experienced by the Passenger

How AutoBeacon App with BLE Beacon can work for your Business?

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