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Want to get an idea of the financial benefits of using an OBD-GPS fleet management solution for your fleet?

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Fill out the below form to get instant email with access to our OBD Benefit Calculator excel sheet.

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You can then enter details of your fleet and the sheet will provide an estimate of the financial benefits a fleet can have by using an OBD-GPS-based fleet management solution. You need to enter a few inputs in the Excel Calculator such as Fleet size, Monthly usage and revenues per km.

Step 3 : Review the estimated benefits
Based on your inputs, the calculator will estimate potential operational cost savings in areas including Admin overhead, Fuel consumption and Fleet Maintenance. The calculator will also estimate other benefits including potential increase in revenue and vehicle resale value. The estimation is based on certain benchmarks on how fleet managers can use the reports and actionable insights from OBD-GPS-based fleet management solution to increase operational efficiency and derive these benefits

Go through our Fleet Management Overview video to understand the key features and rich insights provided by an OBD-GPS-based fleet management solution. To learn more about how AutoWiz’s OBD-GPS-based fleet management solution can be beneficial for your Fleet, please reach to us to schedule a 30 mins free online demo and consultation session.

See Feature Videos

Ensure Safety and Comfort

AutoWiz Multi-sensor Telematics Solution for Passenger Fleets ensures Advanced Driving Behavior Monitoring, Passenger Comfort and Fleet Safety.

Geofence Notifications

Increase utilization, Prevent misuse

Watch this video to learn how smart Geo-fencing can help you efficiently keep track of Fleet location, prevent misuse and optimize cost.

Fleet Health Monitoring

Keep Your Fleet Up and Running

See how to monitor and maintain fleet health with our Live Health Dashboard, Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Preventive Maintenance Schedule Management.

Route Planning and Optimization

Route Planning and Tracking

Check out AutoWiz Route Planning Solution. Works in tandem with Fleet Management to optimize your Goods Distribution and Last Mile Delivery Operations.

Works for your Business

AutoWiz Fleet Management works for all Fleet types. Our customers include Passenger Fleets, Shared Mobility, Last Mile Logistics and Trucking Fleets.


We have installed the Autowiz OBD device to all our cars for almost a year now. The results have been great. It has been very essential for us to track our cars and also see if the cars have had any issues. The notifications you get are absolutely right and helps you take the right decision to fix the car. The web application also gives you a lot of details of the health of the car and reports generated save us a lot of manual time and effort."

- Akhil Bohra, AB Travels (India)

We are a self-drive car rental company in Seychelles. For our Vehicle tracking and asset monitoring purpose, we have adopted AutoWiz Connected Car Solution. Given our small geography, there is no local Telematics Solution Provider. We found AutoWiz to be fit for our purpose and dealing with them has been super easy. The device is plug-n-play and solution is easy to set up and start using. We use AutoWiz App for all our fleet management functions on the go. AutoWiz Customer support has been excellent and we look forward to a long relationship with them.

- George, Doffay Car Rental (Seychelles)

We have been using the AutoWiz OBD solution for our fleet of vehicles for the last one year. Our cabs travel long distances like from Rajasthan to Delhi. Besides real time tracking we get immediate alert if a driver overspeeds or does any other unsafe driving behaviour. We are also able to save in our fuel costs by monitoring vehicle’s mileage on the road and implementing driving behaviour tips. AutoWiz notifies us for any vehicle issue in advance with detailed reports.

- Bhavay Arora, Milan Transport (India)

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Considering transitioning your Fleet to Electric?

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Interested in detailed Inspection Report of your vehicles?

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Enquire to know about our free one week trial offer for Fleet Management.

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