Make Connected Vehicles work for your business

  • By Kamal Aggarwal
  • Jan 3, 2019
  • 4 min read

Connected Car technology that enables real time monitoring of vehicles and insights based on historical data is expected to become mainstream and lead to newer business models and revenue generation opportunities in 2019. Commonly referred to as Telematics, we see growing world wide adoption of Telematics by various players in the ecosystem including automotive, mobility, logistics and vehicle insurance.

Auto OEMs and Tier-1’s use on-road vehicle data gathered under varied driving conditions to improve designs, manage warranty and offer connected vehicle solutions to customers. Predictive Maintenance models using telematics data help Auto service networks offer optimized maintenance service for its customers. Auto Insurance companies use Telematics to develop underwriting models for Usage Based Insurance policies. Logistics and Mobility companies use Telematics for fleet management, driver behaviour and fuel monitoring and improve overall efficiency of their operations.

Connected vehicles generate a massive amount of data that presents a monetization and cost saving opportunity. Car-generated data may become a USD 450 - 750 billion market by 2030, as per McKinsey.


We at AutoWiz are offering AutoWiz is a Platform-as- a-Service that enables insightful and relevant connected vehicle experiences. AutoWiz Platform is a scalable and versatile vehicle data analytics platform that is suitable for companies in Automotive, Mobility, Insurance and Logistics domain to quickly offer differentiated products and services based on telematics data. AutoWiz Platform is based on modern, big data architecture with high scalability, modularity, data exchange capability to seamlessly support client specific innovative analytics. At the same time, the platform is Cloud agnostic and can be hosted on any public cloud or on-premise.

Based on AutoWiz Platform and along with AutoWiz OBD GPS device, we offer end-use connected car solution, for personal car owners and fleets. Highly rated AutoWiz Mobile App (on Android/iOS) connects to the car's data feed in the cloud to provide insights to the end user including car tracking, driving behavior analysis, health monitoring etc. Apps have been designed to easily support localization. AutoWiz Fleet Management Solution gives fleet owners all the insights they need to manage their fleet.

As we work across a cross section of ecosystem players, we are continuously discovering newer use cases enabled by telematics and our goal is to constantly enhance our Telematics Platform and enrich the set of pre-built, analytics powered, use cases for our customers.

Here is wishing you and your colleagues a Very Happy and Prosperous 2019.